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Autumn on the Mesa

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Hanging Lake

Art Gallery Grand Junction

It’s common in this day and age for visual artists to receive little support for their work, and we believe that by providing a venue for local artists to sell their very best pieces, we’re contributing not just to the artists’ livelihood, but also to the culture of our community. Since opening in 2011, we’ve sold artwork by numerous local artists to buyers from near and far, and we hope you’ll think of us first when you’re looking for art. As long as we’ve been in business, our customers have returned to Rock ‘n Art Gallery & Studio for their art purchase because:

  • We sell beautiful artwork in a variety of mediums.
  • Most of our artwork is produced by local artists.
  • We sell prints of many pieces of our artwork produced by local artists.
  • We offer artwork that is affordable to the typical buyer while supporting the local art community.

Rock Gallery Grand Junction

We inherited the "Chicken Jones" collection of rocks, and are proud to make many of his finest polished specimens available for decorative "conversation" pieces to grace end tables, coffee tables and book cases in your home. We offer the following items for sale:

  • Beautiful stone spheres of all kinds.
  • Beautuful polished specimens of Blue Forest Wood from Wyoming.
  • Polished specimens of ancient ferns, transitional Palms and true Palms.
  • Polished specimens of coprolites (petrified dinosaaur dung) from Western Colorado.
  • Polished specimens of gem quality dinosaur bone, and many beautiful crystal specimens
  • large "Yard Rock" specimens of petrified wood, geyserite, ryolite and more.

Lapidary materials

We also have a wide range of material for lapidarists.

  • A limited selection of stone jewelry.
  • Cabachons (cabs) ready to be mounted into jewelry.
  • Cut pieces of gem quality dinosaur bone, Wyoming jade, obsidian, Ryolite, Allunite
  • raw pieces of Bigs jasper, agatized and opalized wood, Haemotite, geyserite and more.